About Me

The story of me…
          I began my life in a small hospital in a similar size town, Mariposa, CA (near Yosemite National Park).  That’s when I met my mom, dad, and sister, and went to a house I would call home for the next eighteen years until a few days before college. After a few years stay, “at some time around two,” says my mom, I was watching cartoons, picked up a pen and started drawing my favorite ninja turtle character.  My mom stuck it on the bulletin board, kept it a few weeks, and then moved it to another board and kept it for 20 more years.  Thus, that began the doodling of all my favorite cartoon characters, to class projects, portraits of people, murals and now to anything and everything I can! My parents thought the days of posting artwork in the house were over…


  I’m still learning, and always will be. My life will always be a pursuit of new knowledge and experience.  As for now, my mission is to continuously improve my painting skills, keep studying web/graphic design, and to grow my talent in Interior Design. I started in flooring and worked my way to gain 4 years skill in various décor themes, fabrics (bedding, pillows, cushion ensembles, and window treatments), furniture (slip covered, upholstered, new and old), and custom interior art and accessories. I have assisted in the designs of many clients’ homes, from small scale projects to redesigning an entire space to fit their needs and most importantly, their comforts. I am always looking for new and fun people to help create their own fresh and unique design.

          The future entails a whole lot that I won’t ramble on about now. I will tell you, however, that I plan to be holding classes soon (see Classes) that include various techniques in painting from hand painting to faux finishes.

          Feel free to explore my website today, as well as in the future, as I will always be posting new and up-to-date decorating elements, as well as my latest paintings and projects. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to hear from you!


Talk to you soon!


Liz’s Designs