Located on the Central Coast in the Village of Arroyo Grande, CA is a complete decorating resource. CHAMELEON™ Home has over 500 bolts of fabric in stock as well as hundreds of books from which to special order fabrics.

The owner, Camay Arad, has created her own line of slip covered CHAMELEON™ Fine Furniture. A better way to describe it is actually removable upholstery! The slipcovers fit the frames so tightly you'd never guess that it wasn't upholstered. With various tucking areas the cover remains anchored, thus eliminating the "sloppy slipcover" we all know and despise! It’s really a great product for those who like change, quality, and a comfortable and beautiful décor. 

For more information, contact Liz's Designs or call CHAMELEON Home at 805.481.4104

Liz’s Designs